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Configuring Checkout Pages

Setting up required pages

Directorist plugin and the directorist pricing plans add-on uses different pages with some specific shortcodes to function properly. You need to make sure all the pages are set properly in the settings. The directorist plugin and this add-on should create all the required pages automatically for you and you just need to assign them to the settings if they are not already assigned. However, if the page is not created/you have deleted before, then do not worry. You can create those pages manually and put the shortcode inside each page. All required shortcodes and other information are clearly mentioned in the settings page.
Please go to Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Pages, Links & Views Page. And make sure the following pages are set properly. You need to assign those pages for charging your users using created plans.

  1. A page with the content [directorist_checkout] should be assigned to the Checkout Page option. Directorist will show checkout information using this page.
  2. A page with the content [directorist_payment_receipt] should be assigned to the Payment/Order Receipt Page option. Directorist will show an Order Receipt to the user using this page.
  3. A page with the content [directorist_transaction_failure] should be assigned to the  Transaction Failure Page option. Directorist will show a transaction failure message to the user using this page.
  4. A page with the content [directorist_pricing_plans] should be assigned to the  Pricing Plans Page option. Directorist will show pricing plans to the user using this page during submitting a listing and making a claim etc.