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Displaying Plans

You can display WooCommerce plans anywhere using the following shortcodes.

  1. Displaying WooCommerce Pricing plans: Use the shortcode [directorist_pricing_plans] on any page/post to display all the plans.

Once you have added your plans, visit the page where you added the [directorist_pricing_plans] shortcode. We also assigned this page in the directorist settings in the configuring checkout pages section previously. Directorist will use this page automatically to show all pricing plans when needed. For example, before submitting a listing, the following page will be displayed to a user to choose a plan to submit a listing. During the submission of a listing, a user will be charged for the plan he/she selects. This is how easily directorist pricing plans work.

Directorist pricing plans - front-end

Displaying Directorist Plans