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You can customize your site from WordPress Dashboard > Apearance > Customize

  • Site Identity: You can change your site title, upload your logo, Site Icon etc.
  • Header Options: You can set a background banner image and control the background opacity by this section
  • Colors Options: You can customize all colors used by the theme including the primary ,
    secondary and additional color. The colors in the ‘Theme Color’ section controls the primary and secondary color
    of theme, and ‘Additional Color’ section controls the badge, info, warning, success and danger color etc.
  • Blog: You can customize here all about blog, like blog grid view or list view, blog meta
    information show/hide, blog sidebar position left/right etc.
  • Copyright Area: You can customize the site’s footer credit/copyright info
  • Menus: This settings lets you create and customize menu for your website
  • Widgets: You can use different widget for different sidebars of your website. For example, you
    can use widget in your website footer sidebars from this settings.
  • Homepage Settings: You can use a static page for the home and another page for the blog from
    this settings.
  • Additional CSS: If you want to apply some custom CSS, then you can use this settings to apply
    new custom CSS.