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Installing Extensions

Installing an extension of the Directorist – Business Directory Plugin is very easy. It is the same as installing any WordPress plugin. The key difference between an extension/add-on and a plugin is that an extension depends on another plugin to work. People use the word extension or add-on to mean the same thing when it comes to a plugin. We will use it interchangeably throughout the article though we prefer to use add-on as it is short. An add-on plugin just adds more features/functionalities to an existing base plugin. All add-ons of the Directorist plugin depends on the Directorist (Free Business Directory Plugin) base plugin. Therefore, before installing and activating an add-on, please make sure you have installed and activated the Directorist plugin from WordPress.org for free.

Download the add-on/Extension

First, you need to download the extension you have purchased in a zip file format. You can download the purchased extension in a zip file from the purchase receipt sent to your mailbox after you purchased an item. And you can also download your purchased extension from your account page on AazzTech. 

Download from your account page: Go to aazztech.com and click on the “Login to Account” button on the top right corner of the page. Download the zip file of the add-on you would like to install from your account page.

Logging in to your account on aazztech

Logging in to your account on AazzTech

Customer dashboard downloads

Customer dashboard downloads

Download add-on from purchased receipt: Go to your mailbox eg. Gmail and open the Purchase Receipt. You will find the purchased item with its download link. You can click on the link to download the file in a zip format. Once you have downloaded the file, you are ready to install it. Two examples of a purchase receipt of a single item receipt and a purchase receipt of multiple items are given below


Single item purchase receipt

A single item purchase receipt

Multiple items purchase receipt

Multiple items purchase receipt

*NOTE: If you are using the Safari Browser on a Mac, the zip file of the add-on may be automatically unzipped after you download it via Safari. You can change this setting in Safari to only download the ZIP file and not unpack it.

Follow this step: 1. Open Safari, 2. Click on Safari > Preferences, 3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option ‘Open “safe” files after downloading’. See the screenshot below.

Disable automatic opening of zip file in Safari

Disable automatic opening of a zip file in Safari



You can install the downloaded add-on plugin in one of the two following ways.
1. Via the WordPress Dashboard
2. via FTP

1. Installing via the WordPress Dashboard:
> Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin page
> Click choose file and select your downloaded zip file of the add-on and click the ‘Install Now‘ button.
> Activate the plugin after uploading is completed. We are installing the directorist claim listing add-on in the following screenshot as an example. You can install any add-ons similarly.

Installing Directorist Claim Listing via WP dashboard

Installing Directorist Claim Listing via WP dashboard

2. Installing via FTP
> Log into your hosting panel using any FTP client like FileZilla.
> Go to wp-content/plugins directory
> Upload your downloaded zip file of the add-on and unzip the file inside the plugins directory. All of your unzipped files should be inside the wp-content/plugins/name-of-the-add-on/ directory after unzipping.

Congratulations, installing an add-on of the directorist plugin is that easy. Now you can start using the installed extension. Read the documentation of the installed extension to get the most out of it. You can find the list of documentation of all add-ons here.