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Add a Listing

Adding a listing from the WordPress Dashboard

Follow the instruction outlined below step by step to add a listing.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Add New Listing page. You will see a form similar to the screenshot attached below. Your form may have more or less fields depending on the number of additional directorist extension installed on your website. Fill in the form with necessary information. Once you are done filling in the form, click the publish button to publish the listing on your listing.

Adding a listing from the Front End

Video Overview:

You can also add a listing from the front-end of your website. You can also let your user submit listings from the front end. Follow the instruction outlined below step by step to add a listing.

  • Add the [directorist_add_listing] shortcode on any page where you would like to display the forntend add-listing form.
  • You can visit that page and fill in the add-listing form and submit it. A new listing will be created in the back end of your website.
  • If you accept public submission, then you may have pricing plans add-on installed on your site for monitization. If you have pricing plan active on your site, then user will have to choose a plan before accessing the add-listing form. And upon submission of a listing, user will be able to pay for the plan he choose.

A sample screenshot of front-end add-listing form is attached below.

Video Overview