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Custom Fields

Adding a custom field

Please visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Custom Fields page and click the Add New Field button. You will see a screen like below. Enter a name field anything you like. For example, Property Type or Gender, etc.

Description of fields

Now let’s check out a small description of each field in the add-new-field form.

  1. Field Type: You can choose an appropriate field type for your custom field from the dropdown list. There are 9 types of fields are available to choose from at the time of writing this doc. They are Text, Text  Area, Select, Checkbox, Radio Button, URL, Date, Color, and Time.Available field types
  1. Field Description: You can describe the field you are adding so that user can easily understand the purpose of the field. If you are accepting listing submission from the public then adding some description for a custom is often a better idea. This description will appear in a nice tooltip beside the field name. So, it will not take space nor will look ugly.
  2. Required: The title of this field explains everything. You can make any custom field required by setting this option to ‘Yes’. A user can not submit a listing without fill in the field or choose a value for the field which marked required before submitting a listing. Available options: Yes | No.

displaying sample custom fields in the form

  1. Include this field in the search from?: The title of this field explains its purpose clearly. If you want to show the custom field to the search filter area, then set this option to Yes. Otherwise, set this option to No to hide the field from the search filter.
  2. Assign to: As we have discussed in the beginning that you can assign a custom field either to a specific category or the add listing form. If you assign the field to a specific category, then the assigned field will show in the add-listing form only if that category is selected. For example, if you assign a custom field called Event Start to the event category, then the Event Start field will appear in the add-listing form only if the event category is selected in the add-listing form. However, if you assign a custom field to the listing form, then the field will appear in the listing form regardless of the

Display option for a custom field

Video Overview

Check out our quick video walkthrough about custom fields.