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Form Fields

Directorist plugin is very flexible when it comes to customization. You can customize all fields of the add listing form. You can change the label of a field, make it required/optional, enable/disable it for front end users, etc very easily. In fact, directorist has a dedicated settings tab/page ( Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Form Fields) for customizing all fields of the add listing page.

Making a field required

Directorist’s add listing form has many fields. Some fields are default fields and some are custom fields. You can make a custom field required when adding them from the custom field menu. Check out the documentation of the custom field for more info on this. In this documentation, we will see how we can make a default listing form field required.  You can make any fields required for your users to fill up before submitting a listing.

Go to Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Form Fileds page. You will see all of the default form fields names with some options to customize them. Set the ‘Required‘ option of any field to YES to make it required for any user to fill before submitting a listing. For example, we have set the Title form field as required in the following screenshot. You can make any form fields as required like this.

Changing the label of a field

Changing the label of any form fields is very easy. Just Change the value in the label field of a form field in the Form Fields settings page. See the screenshot below to see how you can change the label of the Title field as an example.

Hiding a form field

You can hide a form field by setting the “Only for Admin Use” option to “Yes“. Only admin will see this field in the back-end add listing form but this field will be hidden/excluded from the front-end add-listing form for all users.

Customizing form fields of the add listing form

Customizing form fields of the add listing form ( Click on the image to see its full-size version)

Here is a short description of all fields available settings. A field may have all or some of the following controls depending on the field type.

  1. Label: This option lets you modify the display label of any form field in the add listing form.
  2. Required: This option lets you make a field required for a user to fill before submitting the add-listing form. Available values are Yes and NO.
  3. Only For Admin Use: This option lets hide a form field from the front-end add-listing form for all users if you set it to YES value.
  4. Display: This option is available for optional fields. You can control whether to display those fields in the add-listing form or not using this control. Set it to YES to display the field and set it to NO to completely exclude this the field from the form.
  5. Multi-Location for User: Set this to YES to allow users to select more than one location for a listing before submitting. Set it to NO if you want users to select a single location for a listing.



Using Terms & Conditions

If you accept listing submission from public users then you may have some terms and conditions for submitting a listing on your website. You can display the terms & conditions for a listing to your user to agree before submitting the add-listing form very easily.

On Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Form Fileds page. You will find the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section at the bottom of the page. You will find the following options.

  1. Enable Terms & Conditions: Set this control to “YES” to display terms and conditions checkbox on the front-end add-listing form. However, users will still be able to submit a listing without checking the checkbox field of Terms & Conditions. To make it mandatory for a user to agree to the terms & conditions of your website see the next option.

    Displaying terms and conditions

    Displaying terms and conditions

  2. Required: Set this option to YES to make it mandatory for a user to agree to your terms & conditions before submitting the form. Users will not be able to submit the listing without agreeing to the terms & conditions. Rather a message will be displayed to the user like in the following image.

    Requiring agreement to terms and conditions

    Requiring agreement to terms and conditions

  3. Terms & Conditions Text: You can add your terms and conditions in this field. Users will be able to read this before submitting a listing.