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Single Listing

Directorist gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to displaying a single listing.  You can either enable or disable single listing by one single option. You may choose to display all listings as a catalog only without a single listing detailed page.

When a user clicks on the link of a listing on any archive page like a search result or all listings archive etc then he will be redirected on a page where complete details of a listing will be displayed. This is called single listing view. It is enabled by default. However, you can disable or customize a lot of options regarding single listings.

Setting Single Listing Page

Visit  Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Pages, Links & Views Page. Select the page that contains one or all of the following shortcodes in the Single Listing Page option. This option is available from the version 5.0.5 of Directorist. However, old users will have no issue. They will still be able to use Directorist’s old single listing page design. The difference is that now you can customize and order each section of the listing information in the version 5.0.5 whereas you could not do this in the earlier version of Directorist( in version 5.0.4 or less).

List of shortcodes for building the single listing page and should be in the single listing page are:

  1. [directorist_listing_top_area]
  2. [directorist_listing_custom_fields]
  3. [directorist_listing_video]
  4. [directorist_listing_map]
  5. [directorist_listing_contact_information]
  6. [directorist_listing_contact_owner]
  7. [directorist_listing_review]
  8. [directorist_related_listings]
Creating a page for single listing view with available shortcodes

Creating a page for single listing view with available shortcodes

Adding the single listing page that contains available shortcodes for a single listing

Check out the screenshot below and see how each section is marked with the related shortcode. Each shortcode will display the marked area/section. So, you can use any of them in any order.

Single listing details page buiilt with shortcode

Single listing details page built with shortcode

Customizing further options for a single listing

Visit  Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Listing Settings > Single Listing page. In this page, you can disable single listing’s details page completely by setting the Disable Single Listing View option to ‘YES‘. You can also customize the default slug/URL for the single listing page, labels of all sections of information of the single listing page, etc in this page. You can also show/hide any section you want by toggling respective option here.