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Directorist provides multiple ways to earn revenue from your directory site. No matter what kind of directory site you have built with Directorist, you can earn profit from your site very easily. At the time of writing this doc, you can monetize your site in 3 ways using directorist monetization feature. These are 1. Selling the offer to feature user listings (Free), 2. Using Pricing Plans for public submission (requires one of the directorist pricing plans add-ons), and 3. Offering Claim listing feature (requires Claim listing add-on). You can use all of these three ways to monetize your site for higher revenue. However, you can choose any number of monetization features on your site out of these three ways. Although, we recommend using all of them so that you can earn higher revenue. Now let’s check out how you can use directorist monetization feature in more details.