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Claim listing

Monetization by Claim Listing

You can monetize your directory website using the claim listing features. Claim Listing is a very lucrative business model and it is the easiest way to monetize your directory website and generate instant revenue even if your site is new. Claim listing is such a feature that every directory website owner needs for an instant earning from his/her website with less effort.

We assume you already know about the claim listing feature and how it works. If not, you can read about it in great detail.

Requirements & recommendations

There are some requirements for monetizing your site with claim listings. Before we proceed, please make sure all the requirements are met.

  • Directorist requires the claim listing add-on(paid) to be installed and activated on your site. You can buy it here.
  • (OPTIONAL) Though you can let owners claim their business listings for free or for a fixed price, you can also charge user using pricing plans (required the Pricing Plan/WooCommerce Pricing Plan extension to be installed on your site)
  • Install the claim listing add-on(required) and Pricing Plan/WooCommerce Pricing Plan add-on (Optional). You can find the installation instruction here.
  • You can charge user using offline gateway(bank payment) for free. However, If you want to accept credit/debitcard payement from user using an online gateway, you need to have either Directorist PayPal Payment Gateway or Directorist Stripe Gateway installed on your site. We recommend using both the directorist PayPal and Stripe gateways add-ons.


Enabling Monetization by Claim Listing

Follow the instruction below to enable claim listing on your site.

  1. After installing & activating the claim listing add-on, please visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Monetization > Monetization Settings page. Make sure the ‘Enable Monetization Feature‘ option is set to ‘YES‘.

    Enabling Monetization

    Enabling Monetization

  2. Visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Extension Settings > Extension General page and Make sure the Claim Listing Option is set to ‘YES‘.

Customizing different labels of Claim Listings and setting a price

You can customize all labels related to claim listings. You can also set a fixed price for claiming a listing. However, if you have pricing plans add-on installed, you can also charge the user by a pricing plan.

Visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Extension Settings > Claim Listing page. You will see the following screen. Let’s read a short description of each field below.

claim listing settings

claim listing settings

  1. Claim Widget Title: You can set the title for the Claim Widget in this field. For example: Is this your business? etc. See the screenshot for better understanding.
  2. Description: You can set a description of the claim widget in this field. See the screenshot below.

    Claim Listing widget

    Claim Listing widget

  3. Method of Charging: You can set how you want to charge a user in this option. Available options are:
    a) Set a Claim Fee: Select this option to charge a user by a specific amount of fee.
    b) Claim for Free: Select this option if you want to let business owner claim their listing for free.
    c) Pricing Plans: If you have any of Directorist pricing plans/WooCommerce pricing plans add-ons installed on your site, you will see this option. Select this option to charge the claimer with a pricing plan.
    However, you can override this setting in each listing. For example, if you set a fixed fee for all claim but you want to charge a claimer for a specific listing with a pricing plan, you can do so in the listing edit screen. You will see a metabox called “Claim Details” on the top right corner where different options for charging a claimer are displayed. See the screenshot for more understanding.

    Charging a claimer for a specific listing

    Charging method for a claim for a specific listing

  4. Claim Fee in USD: If you choose ‘Set a Claim Fee‘ in the Method of Charging option, you will see this field. You can set an amount of fee you want to charge for a successful claim in this field.
  5. Claim Now Button: You can modify the text for the claim now button. The default is ‘Claim Now!‘.
  6. Display Claimed Badge: You can display a badge for claimed listings by setting this option to ‘YES‘. Available options: YES | NO.
  7. Verified Text: You can modify the text for the badge of a claimed/verified listing in this field. The default is ‘Claimed‘.

Setting up gateway

The next thing is to make sure the gateway is set up correctly. Visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Monetization > Gateway Settings page.

Gateways Settings

Gateways Settings

  1. Make sure the ‘Enable Offline Payment‘ option is set to ‘YES‘, if you want to use the default free gateway (Bank payment gateway). However, if you use online payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe, you may disable offline payment gateway.
  2. : If you enable Test Mode, then no real transaction will occur. If you want to test the payment system of your website then you can set this option enabled. NOTE: Your payment gateway must support test mode eg. they should provide you a sandbox account to test. Otherwise, use the only offline gateway to test.
  3. Active Gateways: You will see the Bank Transfer (Offline Gateway) available in this option. However, you may see other gateways if you use directorist PayPal or Stripe Gateway. Check the gateways you would like to use in the checkout page. A user will use any of the active gateways during the checkout process.
  4. Default Gateways: Select the default gateway you would like to show as a selected gateway on the checkout page
  5. Currency Name: Enter the Name of the currency that will be displayed in the checkout page. For example USD or GBP etc.
  6. Thousand Separator: Enter the currency thousand separator. Eg. , (comma) or . (dot) etc.
  7. Decimal Separator: Enter the currency decimal separator. Eg. “.” or “,”. Default is “.”
  8. Currency Position: Select the position where you would like to show the currency symbol.Available Options: Before amount | After amount. Default is before amount. Eg. $5


Offline Gateway (Bank Transfer) Setup

If you choose to use the offline gateway which is available for free with Directorist, you need to add your bank information so to that user can pay you properly.

Visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Monetization > Offline Gateway settings page and add your bank info in the Bank Information field. After updating your bank information, do not forget to save all changes.

Offline Gateway (Bank Transfer)Setup

Offline Gateway (Bank Transfer)Setup


Displaying Claim listing widget

Visit Appearance > Widgets page. Drag the Directorist – Claim Listing Widget to the Directorist – Listing Right Sidebar. Visit any listing, you will see the listing widget.

Claim Listing widget

Claim Listing widget

Claiming a business

There are two ways to make a claim for a business. They are:

  1. From Front-end: User can click on the ‘Claim Now’ button inside the Directorist Claim Widget displayed on the right sidebar of a listing. A claim form will appear in a modal. Users will fill up that form and submit it. If a claim fee is set or you set a pricing plan to charge a user for a claim then the user will be redirected to the checkout page to make a payment. However, if you set the claim charge to be free, then you will see a success message after submitting a claim through the claim form. Admin will see the request of claim in the Directorist Listings > Claim Listing Page.
    Claim Form ( Fixed Fee:Free ) in Modal

    Claim Form in Modal ( when charge method of claim – Fixed Fee/Free selected )

    Claim Form (with Pricing Plans)

    Claim Form (with Pricing Plans)

    If a fee/pricing plan is selected for charging a user for a claim, then the user will be redirected to the checkout page for making a payment.

    Checkout - Claim Listing

    Checkout – Claim Listing

    Once payment is done, the user will see a payment receipt and admin will receive a claim in the backend.

    Payment Receipt

    Payment Receipt

    You can view all claim requests on Dashboard > Directorist listings > Claim listing page. Hover over a listing title and click on the Edit link to edit/approve/decline a claim request.

    Claim lists in the backend

    Claim lists in the backend

    Once Admin approves a claim request, a verifed badge will be displayed on the claimed listing.

    Claim badge

    Claimed badge sample.

  2. From Back-End: An admin can add a claim manually and change the ownership of a listing from one user to another user. Visit the Directorist Listings > Claim Listing Page. You can add a new claim or change the ownership of a listing by clicking the Add New Claim button. A claimed listing will have a verified badge with custom text you defined in the claim listing settings.

    Adding or Approving or Decling a claim request

    Adding or Approving or Decling a claim request from admin dashboard.