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Featuring Listings (Free)

You can monetize your site using the free monetization feature offered by directorist by default.

Monetization by Featuring Listings

This monetization feature is completely free and built-in to Directorist. You can enable this feature from your directorist settings. Here is how it work:
– You enable the feature of featuring listings in the directorist settings and set a price for this feature.
– You set up your gateway information ( you can use the offline gateway(free) or online gateway (needs paid extension) )
– You put the add-listing form in any page so that user can submit a listing.
– When a user submits a listing, they will be redirected to the checkout or cart page to buy the featured listing item offer. They can either buy the featured listing or just skip it. If they decide to buy, they can pay you using one of the gateways you have set up in the directorist gateway settings.
– Featured listings will appear on top of other listings in search and listing archive pages.

Monetizatiotn by featured listing - Checkout Sample

Monetizatiotn by featured listing – Checkout Sample

Featured listings Settings

Visit Dashboard > Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Monetization Settings Page to customize all settings for the featured listings.

Monetization by Featuring Listings

Monetization by Featuring Listings – click on the image to view the full size

Enable Monetization by Featured listings

Please follow the following steps to enable monetization on your site.

  • Set the ‘Enable Monetization Feature‘ option to ‘YES‘ in the monetization settings page. Setting this option to NO will DISABLE all sorts of monetization features. This setting gives you a quick way to turn monetization on or off instantly. The default is NO. You must set this option to ‘YES‘ to use any of directorist monetization features. In this case, we have set it to ‘YES’ and we will use the monetization by featured listings method.
  • Set the ‘Monetize by Featured Listing‘ option to ‘YES‘. You can enable this option to collect payment from your user for making their listing featured.

Customizing Labels & setting a price

You can customize the labels of featured listings that displays on the checkout page and you can set a price for featuring a listing very easily.

  1. Title: This field lets you customize the feature title displayed on the checkout page. You can enter any text here. For example: Featured or Feature your listing etc. See the screenshot below for visual help.
  2. Description: This field lets you add a description to your featured listing and this description will appear in the checkout form. This description helps your users understand what they are buying. So, it is a good idea to add some nice text here. See the screenshot below.
  3. Price in USD: You can set a price for featuring a listing in this field. You should set a price in USD. You can set any amount you want.

    Sample display of feature listing item on the checkout page

    Sample display of feature listing item on the checkout page

Show Featured Ribbon/Text: You can show a badge/ribbon for featured listings using this option. Dispalying a Featured Ribbon/Badge is a nice way to make featured listings stand out.

Featured listings are displayed at the top

Featured listings are displayed at the top