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Payment Gateways

Configuring the checkout pages for payment gateways to work

First of all, you need to make sure you have all checkout related pages are set properly in the directory settings. If you have not set all checkout related pages,

Please go to Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Pages, Links & Views Page. And make sure the following pages are set properly. You need to assign those pages for charging your users using created plans.

  1. A page with the content [directorist_checkout] should be assigned to the Checkout Page option. Directorist will show checkout information using this page.
  2. A page with the content [directorist_payment_receipt] should be assigned to the Payment/Order Receipt Page option. Directorist will show an Order Receipt to the user using this page.
  3. A page with the content [directorist_transaction_failure] should be assigned to the  Transaction Failure Page option. Directorist will show a transaction failure message to the user using this page.
  4. Optionally if you have any of the directorist pricing plans and the directorist WooCommerce pricing plans add-on installed and active on your website, a page with the content [directorist_pricing_plans] should be assigned to the  Pricing Plans Page option. Directorist will show pricing plans to the user using this page during submitting a listing and making a claim etc.

Configuring the gateway

The next thing you need to make sure that monetization is active on your site. You can activate monetization from Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Monetization Settings page and set Enable Monetization Feature to Yes on that page. See the screenshot below.

Next, go to the Gateway Settings Tab and Configure the following settings:

  1. : If you want to test the integration of your gateway, then set the “Enable Test Mode” to “Yes“. No live transaction will occur if the test mode is enabled. NOTE: Your payment gateway must support test mode eg. they should provide you a sandbox account to test. Directorist PayPal and Stripe gateways support test mode.
  2. Active Gateways: You will see PayPal and Stripe Gateway available in this option. Check the gateways you would like to use in the checkout page. A user will use any of the active gateways during the checkout process.
  3. Default Gateways: Select the default gateway you would like to show as a selected gateway on the checkout page
  4. Currency Name: Enter the Name of the currency that will be displayed in the checkout page. For example USD or GBP etc.
  5. Thousand Separator: Enter the currency thousand separator. Eg. , (comma) or . (dot) etc.
  6. Decimal Separator: Enter the currency decimal separator. Eg. “.” or “,”. Default is “.”
  7. Currency Position: Select the position where you would like to show the currency symbol.Available Options: Before amount | After amount. Default is before amount. Eg. $5