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Directorist provides a good number of shortcodes to make it easy for everyone to customize the display of its content. You can use those shortcodes to output dynamic content of directorist on any place in WordPress. For example, you can use [directorist_all_listing] to show all listings on any page.

Most of the shortcodes also accept optional parameters to help you customize the output easily. It is good to remember that shortcode parameters have higher priority over options set in the directorist settings page( Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Listing Settings > General Settings page ).

For example, if you set the Default View option of all listings to ‘grid‘ view in the settings page, then you can override that setting using a shortcode parameter called view. For example, [directorist_all_listing view=’list’] will display all listings in a list view layout even if you set the view layout to grid in the settings page.