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Author Profile

You can display author/user profile information using the following shortcode. This shortcode will show all listings of an author, his/her contact info, his/her ratings, etc. When visitors clicks on any author link of any listings, they will be redirected to the page where you added the following shortcode. Do not forget to add the page with [directorist_author_profile] to the Directorist User Profile page settings.

Author/User Profile Shortcode : [directorist_author_profile]

The [directorist_author_profile] shortcode does not have any extra attributes.


  1. logged_in_user_only: You can make author profile page only visible for logged in user using this parameter. Options available: yes | no. Example: [directorist_author_profile logged_in_user_only=”no”].
  2. redirect_page_url: Forward/redirect all listings page using this parameter. Example: [directorist_author_profile redirect_page_url=”www.aazztech.com”].


author profile page

author profile page -sample