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Use this shortcode [directorist_checkout] to display the Directorist cart and checkout information on any page or post you like. This shortcode does not have any attributes/parameters. If you visit the page directly, you will not see any content. Rather you may see an error message somewhat like this “Sorry, Something went wrong. The listing ID is missing. Please try again. “. It is because directorist uses this page automatically WHEN necessary. You need to add the shortcode inside a page and add that page to the checkout page option under the directorist page settings.

Checkout/Cart Shortcode: [directorist_checkout]

The [directorist_checkout]  shortcode will also output all payment gateways information so that the user can pay/checkout using any gateway they like.


Sample Screenshot

The shortcode output on your site may be a little different because new features are being added and modified with every update.

Checkout/Cart Page

Checkout/Cart Page – click on the image to view the full size