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Search Results

You can display the result of a search of listings on any page by using this

Search Result Listing: [directorist_search_result]

[directorist_search_result] shortcode has many parameters to customize the display of all listings in the search result page. Let’s have a look at the available parameters and their available values with some description.


  1. view: You can display the search reuslts in a list,grid & map view layout. Available Options: list | grid | map view. The default value is grid. Example: [directorist_search_result view=”grid”].
  2. orderby : You can order search result using this parameter. Available Options : title, date | price. The default is date. Example: [directorist_search_result orderby=”date”]
  3. order: You can sort the result in ascending or descending order using this option. Available Options: asc | desc. Default is asc. Example: [directorist_search_result order=”asc”]
  4. logged_in_user_only: You can make search result only visible for logged in user using this parameter. Options available: yes | no. Example: [directorist_search_result logged_in_user_only=”no”].
  5. redirect_page_url: Forward/redirect search result page using this parameter. Example: [directorist_search_result redirect_page_url=”www.aazztech.com”].
  6. listings_per_page: Number of listings to show in the result per page. Default is 6. Example: [directorist_search_result listings_per_page=”6″]
  7. featured_only: Display only featured listings in the result. Options available: yes | no. Example: [directorist_search_result featured_only=”yes”] )
  8. popular_only: Display only popular listings in the result. Options available: yes | no. Example: [directorist_search_result popular_only=”yes”]
  9. header: You can hide/show header area using header attributes. Options available: yes | no. Example: [directorist_search_result header=”yes”]
  10. header_title: [directorist_search_result header_title=”Search Result”]
  11. header_sub_title: [directorist_search_result header_sub_title =”Total Listing Found”]
  12. columns: select any column for grid view using columns attribute. [directorist_search_result column=”3″]
  13. show_pagination: You can show/hide pagination using this attribute. Available options: yes|no. Example: [directorist_search_result show_pagination=”yes”]
  14. map_height: You can customize the height of the map view layout using this attribute. Example [directorist_search_result map_height=”350″]


Sample Screenshot

The shortcode output on your site may be a little different because new features are being added and modified with every update.

search result

search result – sample image – click on the image to view the full size