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Exclusive Directorist
Mobile App Features

The Directorist mobile app ships with a bunch of exclusive if not unique features that you need to skyrocket your directory listing business.

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Contact Listing Author

The best part is that you can literally socialize your directory mobile app with this exciting feature. Meaning, the visitors can connect with the listing authors through a contact form.

  • Contacting listing authors
  • Built-in contact form
  • Make the authors notified

Take Quick Actions

Don’t let your visitors linger to take action. With the
quick action feature, they can communicate
with different media.

  • Direct Phone Call
  • Get Direction
  • Direct Email
free online directory
free online directory

Instant Push Notifications

People love to get important news through mobile push notifications. The Directorist mobile app facilitates this service through its amazing push notification options. Get notified and make the specific authors notified as well when:

  • A user sends a message to the authors
  • You want to send notifications via email
  • You need to review a listing

Multi-directory Listings

Are you using the multi-directory features for different directory listing types (Car directory, Restaurant Directory, Real Estate Directory)? No worries, the app has got you covered.

  • Let users choose directory types
  • Show the listings according to a directory type
free online directory
free online directory

View Single Listings

When a user selects a listing the visitor will be redirected to the single listing view page where s/he will find all the necessary information just like the way on the website.

  • Contact info, messaging, phone call
  • Show location
  • See listing overview
  • Show special badges like featured, popular, new
  • And much more

Share Listings on Social Media

Don’t just make your users settle on your website, give them the freedom to share any listings on their preferred social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

free online directory

Add to Favorite

Let your users mark a listing as their favorite or keep them in the bookmark list so that they can find them effortlessly later.

  • Bookmarking the favorite listings
  • Also, make them unfavorite

Instantly Change the Listings View

The Directorist app allows the users to change the viewing styles of the listings on their own to personalize the app as per their preferences.

  • Grid view
  • List view
  • Map view
free online directory
free online directory

Get a Clean & Easily Navigable Homepage

The homepage boasts of having a clean interface that shows only the bare minimums so that your users don’t get confused and distracted. It includes only the following to avoid any cluttering:

  • Search form
  • All categories listings
  • Featured listings
  • All locations listings
  • A cognitive navigation bar

Maintain Individual

The Directorist mobile app allows the users to have their own personalized profiles updating pictures, email addresses, bookmarks, submitted listings, pending listings, published listings, and expired listings.

  • Update Profile
  • Bookmarks / Add to Favorite
free online directory
free online directory

Advanced Search Form

It’s a no-brainer if your visitors bounce off just because they don’t find their desired listings at once. The Advanced Search Form lets your visitors use specific parameters to filter their listings from the ocean of listings in the blink of an eye.

  • Search with a price range filter
  • Search with Ratings
  • Search with tags, categories, locations, featured only

Show Location Distance

Without indicating how far are the listings from the users’ locations, they are almost of no use. Fortunately, the Directorist Mobile app has got you covered with this essential feature.

  • Show distance in each listing
  • Make the listings more meaningful
free online directory
free online directory

Monitor Listing Status

Don’t just make your users settle on your website, give them the freedom to share any listings on their preferred social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

  • Published listings
  • Pending listings
  • Expired listings

Miscellaneous Features

Login & Registration
Edit Profile
My Listings
Message to Author
Password Recovery
with PIN
free online directory
Share on Social Media
New, Popular &
Featured Badges
User Reports
Google Map
Related Listings
Under Detail Page

More features are on the way...

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Available on iOS and Android.

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