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Integrated Plugins

Have a seamless experience by integrating your favorite plugins

Directorist is compatible with hundreds of WordPress plugins and themes out of the box. But we have walked an extra mile to custom develop certain features & styles, and tested thoroughly to integrate the below extensions so you can use your favorite solutions with Directorist.

Please note, the list denotes that the following extensions have been custom developed and tested by officials. However, Directorist themes & extensions work with any WordPress plugin that has been built following the WordPress standards.

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Integrated Plugins


Directorist Mailchimp Integration is the merge between Directorist and Mailchimp. It allows you to bring your directory business to incredible heights with more leads.

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Directorist GamiPress Integration Connects Directorist with GamiPress in one place. It is mainly designed to boost the engagement of a directory business more conveniently.

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Directorist WPML Integration extension connects Directorist and WPML with the ease. It helps you to make your directory sites multilingual more efficiently.

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Directorist – BuddyPress Integration is a premium extension that allows Directorist and BuddyPress to work as a single integrated app. Moreover, it allows you to build a hybrid listings directory and social network together.

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Directorist – BuddyBoss Integration extension is used to integrate the giant Directorist with the popular BuddyBoss plugin. It combines all the functionalities needed to create a complete community-based WordPress directory website.

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Oxygen Builder

Directorist Oxygen is hammered out to connect the giant Directorist to the popular Oxygen Page Builder plugin. It ships all the functionalities that you need to build a full-fledged WordPress directory website using Oxygen Builder.

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Elementor Page Builder

User can easily design their directory using Elementor and Directorist. Directorist offers 16 ready widgets to place functionality on a page.

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Bertha.ai is the AI-based writing assistant that allows website owners to write content that is relevant and engaging in WordPress

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WooCommerce Subscription

With the integration, you can offer a recurring payment system, making room for users to use a free plan, an auto expiration system.

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