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Gamipress Integration

Directorist GamiPress Integration Connects Directorist with GamiPress in one place. It helps you to aggrandize the engagement of your directory business with the utmost possible ease. Moreover, this extension allows you to coalesce the famous plugin, GamiPress with Directorist activity events based on the points gained and features to make your directory website even more magnetic and interactive.

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Product Overview

Directorist GamiPress Integration is an intuitive, user-friendly, and reliable solution that renders a solid integration between Directorist and GamiPress, the free yet powerful plugin in the WordPress repository. This is the extension that lets you assign and deduct points, achievements, and ranks for Directorist events like Publish a new listing, Delete a listing, Listing expires, User reports a listing, Owner gets report on a listing, User reviews a listing, Owner gets review on a listing, User favorites a listing, Owners listing get favorites, Listing becomes popular, and Purchase a plan.

The piece of good news is that using this integration extension, users can redeem their achieved points with the Directorist Coupon extension used in the Directorist checkout. Moreover, the points achieved by the users can be used on any GamiPress system, for example, WooCommere Points Gateway, Points Card, etc.

  • Last Updated
    Aug 8, 2023
  • Released
    April 11, 2022
  • Current Version
  • Requirements
    Directorist Plugin, WordPress 5.0+, PHP 7+

Make Your Directory More Captivating

Directorist GamiPress Integration comes with an option that endows your users with points that they can redeem. In this way, you can captivate your users more and more.

Gamify Your Directory Business Website With Ease

Directorist GamiPress Integration lets you gamify your directory business website with the utmost possible ease. It allows you to endow your users with digital rewards for interacting with your directory website.

Key Features

  • Earn points for Publising a new listing
  • Earn points for popular listings
  • Earn points for reviewing a listing
  • Earn points if the listing owner receives good reviews and deduct for bad reviews
  • Set custom points for each rating stars
  • Deduct points if the listing is reported
  • Earn points for purchasing a listing
  • Earn points for favoriting a listing and many more.
  • Redeem points using the Directorist Coupon extension and use that coupon in the Directorist checkout
  • Redeem points on any GamiPress system, for example, WooCommere Points Gateway, Points Card, etc.