Try New Features with Directorist Beta

This is a beta version of the Directorist which is still undergoing final testing before the stable release. We recommend you to use it on the localhost/staging site/testing site since the purpose of the beta is to conduct testing and make it ready for the official release.

Before testing please go through the following-

  • Install the beta on a new WordPress installation, or on an existing “testing” or ”staging” site/localhost.
  • Make sure NOT to install it on the live or main site. (We are not accountable for any data loss)
  • Please test the core functionalities and avoid testing the paid extensions for now. More details regarding extensions will be provided later.
  • If you own a paid extension/membership plan then please contact support for the extension testing guidance.
  • dlist, dService, direo are not yet ready for beta testing.

If you find any bugs, errors, functionality issues, or other problems, please let us know here so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help is greatly appreciated!


  • All extensions compatibility
  • Directory type in listing slug
  • Listing CSV Export/Import with custom field
  • Membership management from dashboard
  • Legacy template support
  • Asset loading on demand
  • Different dashboard and signup options for users and listing owners
  • Same author listings in similar listings
  • Directory type filtering in author page
  • PHP compatibility between (7.0 to 8.0)

  • Single location permalink issue
  • CSV import
  • Search form issue
  • Style issue
  • Map issue
  • Listing importing issue
  • Contact listing owner form issue
  • Report abuse issue
  • Login issue

  • Codebase
  • Settings panel
  • Assets
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