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Try New Features with Directorist Beta

This is a beta version of the Directorist which is still undergoing final testing before the stable release. We recommend you to use it on the localhost/staging site/testing site since the purpose of the beta is to conduct testing and make it ready for the official release.

Before testing please go through the following-

  • Install the beta on a new WordPress installation, or on an existing “testing” or ”staging” site/localhost.
  • It is not recommended to install the beta on the live or main site.
  • Please test the core Directorist first before installing/activating the extensions.
  • Existing themes and extensions are not compatible with this version. Please contact support for the beta versions.

If you find any bugs, errors, functionality issues, or other problems, let us know using support channel, so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help is greatly appreciated!


  • Add - Twenty Twenty-Two theme support
  • Add - Templating support for widgets
  • Improve - Assets optimized to increase the webpage loading speed
  • Improve - Some styles updated
  • Fix - Admin announcement mail sending bug fixed
  • Fix - Registration redirection now works properly for new user
  • Fix - In listing archive, empty list items for custom fields without values have been removed
  • Fix - String concatenation bug fixed for some fields in listing form
  • Fix - In search form, custom field for a specific category was taking extra space even though that category wasn’t selected
  • Fix - Radius search and geolocation now works properly in search form
  • Fix - When importing CSV, directory type was missing if multi-directory was enabled
  • Fix - Listing form submission data saving now works properly
  • Fix - In search form, category field was showing all categories regardless of selected directory type
  • Fix - Checkout redirection now works properly
  • Fix - Added missing html tag in password reset form
  • Fix - Fixed duplicate dom in search form after changing directory type
  • Fix - Review code updated to fix the compatibility with buddyboss
  • Fix - Fixed price Range data saving issue when pricing type is selected to price range
  • Fix - Fixed overall php warnings and console errors
  • Fix - Fixed elementor deprecated notice
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