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Directorist Oxygen

Directorist Oxygen is used to integrate the giant Directorist with the popular Oxygen Page Builder plugin. It combines all the functionalities needed to create a complete WordPress directory website using Oxygen Builder.

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Product Overview

Directorist Oxygen is a fast, secured, reliable solution that provides easy integration between the Directorist and Oxygen builder. Oxygen builder is a robust page builder, and you can practically create your custom-made builder for a directory listing platform. Thus you don’t have to rely on other third-party tools and only using Directorist you can do that effortlessly. With this integration, you can make your directory website from the ground up exactly the way you want it.

Oxygen Builder provides a plethora of advanced features like the header builder, tons of design libraries, and full responsiveness controls. Moreover, it also comes with a library of pre-made design sets that can be imported directly to create rich web pages. We believe with this integration activated, you can create an amazing platform for your directory listing business.

  • Last Updated
    12 October, 2022
  • Released
    2 June, 2021
  • Current Version
  • Requirements
    Directorist Plugin, WordPress 5.0+, PHP 7.0+

Scale up Your Directory with Numerous Directorist Elements

Directorist Oxygen offers a number of handy elements to scale up your directory website in the best way possible. You can customize and make the best use of all the 17 components of core Directorist effortlessly using Oxygen builder.

Capitalize the Oxygen Builders's Customizability Using Directorist

Take the advantages of Oxygen using Directorist; add an element and tweak the settings to suit your need. Design the taxonomy pages and create custom header/ sections for Directorist Listings Post Type and take full advantage of Oxygen's feature.

Key Features

  • Integrate Directorist and Oxygen builder to build lean and lightweight directory.
  • Customize all the core Directorist components using Oxygen builder visual editor.
  • Design your directory site using 17 Directorist elements.
  • Create custom header, and sections for Directorist listings post type.
  • Add more elements to the single listing page.