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Terms & Conditions

Using Terms & Conditions

If you accept listing submission from public users then you may have some terms and conditions for submitting a listing on your website. You can display the terms & conditions for a listing to your user to agree before submitting the add-listing form very easily. On Directorist Listings > Directorist Settings > Form Fileds page. You will find the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section at the bottom of the page. You will find the following options.

  1. Enable Terms & Conditions: Set this control to “YES” to display terms and conditions checkbox on the front-end add-listing form. However, users will still be able to submit a listing without checking the checkbox field of Terms & Conditions. To make it mandatory for a user to agree to the terms & conditions of your website see the next option.
    Displaying terms and conditions

    Displaying terms and conditions

  2. Required: Set this option to YES to make it mandatory for a user to agree to your terms & conditions before submitting the form. Users will not be able to submit the listing without agreeing to the terms & conditions. Rather a message will be displayed to the user like in the following image.
    Requiring agreement to terms and conditions

    Requiring agreement to terms and conditions

  3. Terms & Conditions Text: You can add your terms and conditions in this field. Users will be able to read this before submitting a listing.


Video Walkthrough

If you prefer a video guide, check out the following video walkthrough.