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Understand Directorist’s
Core Features

Develop, add, manage, categorize, and monetize your listings websites using the
fast-growing Directorist plugin.

Surprising Free Features
of Directorist

Advanced Form Builder

Use the most intuitive custom form builder to boost up your directory listing experiences. Drag & drop-based custom form builder allows you to use organize your directory website through Single Page Layout and Listings Card Layout with an advanced search system customizability.

  • Drag & drop based input fields
  • Advanced search form builder facility
  • Create and customize the listing card for grid view
  • Single Page Layout and Listings Card Layout
  • Personalized builder settings panel
free online directory
free online directory

Multi Directory

Scale up your directory with the structured multi-directory feature and organized it in the best way possible. You can create directory type from scratch with all the generic form building capacity or it can be created by importing as well.

  • Creating new directory type as you wish
  • Importing your directory
  • Handy multi-directory management system

Easy Migration and

A compelling user-friendly system that simplifies the
migration process by letting you import thousands of
listings from a CSV file and personalize the directory
using a wide range of short codes.

  • Easy migration facility
  • import thousands of listings through CSV
  • Shortcode friendly
free online directory
free online directory

Scale to Millions
of Listings

Directorist is a highly optimized plugin that can scale to
millions of listings ensuring low memory consumption
and efficient query execution.

  • Well-optimized for scalability and performance
  • Minimal memory consumption
  • Rock-bottom database query execution time

CSV Bulk Importer

Get a compelling user-friendly system that simplifies the migration process by letting you import thousands of listings from a CSV file. Directorist CSV Tool is painstakingly developed to corroborate a smoother migration process.

  • Complete migration to Directorist in just a few clicks
  • Import thousands of listings or more in no time
  • Map any field types to Directory listing fields
free online directory
free online directory

Unlimited Custom Fields​

Directorist lets you add unlimited custom fields to accommodate custom requirements on the listing form also, allows you to add custom fields as search filters to get the best results.

  • Create unlimited custom fields for listing form
  • Create custom fields by choosing from 9 different field types
  • Search using custom fields for accurate search results

Powerful Search and Advanced Filters

The Directorist advanced filter lets your users search listings based on a large number of criteria like custom fields, tags, price range, etc. along with default text
field, category, and location fields to elevate the search experience to a greater level.

  • Filtering using numerous fields to yield
    accurate results
  • Geolocation and nearby listings
  • Radius search
  • Add custom fields as search filters
  • Search widgets with 14 different filters
  • Highly customizable filters for each type
free online directory
free online directory

Multiple Mapping Sources

Directorist provides a flexible mapping sources offering Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to help users to find their desired services.

Google Maps

Use the most popular and versatile mapping platform for free with limited quota provided by Google.


A free easy-to-use mapping platform to display location and use map features without the need for Map API.


WordPress developers can extend the plugin functionalities infinitely using
available hooks and filters.

Constructed with Clean Code

We prioritize quality over quantity and the whole system is constructed with clean codes.

Action and Filter Hooks

Directorist provides a vast array of action and filter hooks so that the developers can customize the plugin according to their needs.

Many More Features

free online directory

Rating & Reviews

A star based reviews & rating system is available, which the owners can approve/disapprove.

free online directory

Guest Submission

Visitors can act as an author or reviewer without logging in.

free online directory

Private Directory

Selected items and sections of the theme can be displayed for special
users only.

free online directory

Custom Badges

Different kinds of badges are available that can be customized.

free online directory

GDPR Ready

GDPR flexible for business owners.

free online directory

Renew Listings

Users can renew their listings now after listings expire.

free online directory

Email Notification

Custom-made emails can be generated to notify customers about different updates.

free online directory

Schedule Task

Admin can fix the time frame after which submitted listings will be expired.

free online directory

Save & Bookmark

The visitor can save and bookmark something, so that he may go through it later.

free online directory Easy Setup
free online directory Direction & Contact
free online directory Invoice
free online directory Tax Ready
free online directory Flag & Report
free online directory Super Responsive
free online directory Author Public Profile
free online directory Elementor Page Builder Widgets
free online directory Custom user Registration and Login
free online directory Social Media

Extended Functionality with
Premium Features

free online directory

Develop Booking

Develop service or event-oriented booking system with scheduling functionality to hoist the possibilities of your business.

  • Restaurant Reservation
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Service Booking
  • Event Ticket Booking
  • Hotel and Apartment Renting

Built-in Checkout and
Popular Gateways

The built-in checkout system includes offline and online
payment systems, where admin can offer recurring
payment option.

free online directory

Earn Through Monetization

Grow your directory listing business with extra revenue using versatile monetization facilities and get paid through featuring the listings in various ways.

free online directory

Paid Listings

Make money by creating various listing packages, each of which includes different benefits.

free online directory

Featured Listings

Get paid by featuring each of the listings you approve on your site based on the pricing plans.

free online directory

Rank Featured Listing

Generate revenue by ranking among all the featured listings and

free online directory

Claim a Listing

Make money by providing an opportunity for business owners to claim their listing and then get verified.

free online directory

Pay Per Submit

Earn by charging users to create a listing on your site.

free online directory


Generate a fixed revenue by charging business owners regularly to renew their packages using recurring payment functionality.

free online directory

Listings with Map

This will allow the users all the way to add their listings with new layouts, search results, categories and locations pages not only with Google Map but also with OpenStreet Map view. Needless to say, how much imperative an interactive map is and how it makes a difference when your customers want to find your product.

Private Messaging

Directorist comes with smart private messaging/
chatting system, that allows the visitors to contact business owners immediately and easily. It will help the business owners to skyrocket their sales and level of customer service.

free online directory
free online directory

Users Can Post Their Any
Kind of Need or Service

With this features user can post for any kind of thing
that he/she require such as phone, laptop, car, bike etc. or can ask for any kind of service that he/she need such
as repairing service, medical service, tutor service etc.

More Premium Features

free online directory

Business Hours

You can display business hours of any type of listings using this add-on in a very appealing way.

free online directory

Operational Hours

The operational hours and active status will be shown according to the time zone map.

free online directory

Social login

Users can login using their google and facebook accounts.

free online directory

Mark as Sold

The extension allows listing owners to mark items as “sold”.

free online directory

Spam Protection

Google ReCaptcha protects your forms from spam.

free online directory

Listing FAQs

It is very common that every business receives some generic questions from its customers.

free online directory

Image Gallery

Displaying an image gallery for some types of business listings adds a lot of value to it and attracts more customers.

free online directory

Listings Slider & Carousel

Increase the beauty of your directory website by displaying your listings in an attractive slider or carousel.

free online directory

Compare Listings

Increase the beauty of your directory website by displaying your listings in an attractive slider or carousel.

free online directory

Caring Support Team

We take support seriously and we are proud of the level of support we provide to our customers. Our dedicated support center makes it easy to interface with our team and get to the bottom of any issues ensuring maximum user satisfaction.

free online directory free online directory

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