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Compare Listings

Compare Listings extension allows users to add a set of listings in a list and compare its features by viewing in a comparison table.

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Product Overview

Going back and forth to multiple listings in order to decide on a listing item is not very pleasant and could make scratch one’s head. Directorist Compare Listings allows users to add multiple listings in a list and view it in a table to compare the features of all the items in order to make a decision. It allows users to add their favorite listings in a list and compare its features in a table view.

Suppose, you have a real estate directory and a user is bemused to make a decision in buying an apartment. Using Compare Listing the user can select up to 5 apartments, compare the features by viewing in a comparison table, and decide on the apartment that matches the criteria he is looking for.

  • Last Updated
    Feb 20, 2023
  • Released
    Aug 23, 2020
  • Current Version
  • Requirements
    Directorist Plugin, WordPress 5.0+, PHP 7+

Compare Multiple Listings in a Table View

Directorist Compare Listings extension aids users in the process of decision-making to opt for a service or purchase an item by comparing multiple listings side by side. Compare the price, rating, category, etc features in a table view without having to switch tabs.

Supports Custom Fields as a Comparing Attribute

Compare Listings extension supports custom fields as a comparing attribute. Create purposeful custom fields to provide users meaningful attributes for comparing the listings to simplify the process of choosing the best listing item.

Key Features

  • Compare multiple listings(up to 5) in a single comparison table.
  • Compare the price, rating, category of multiple listings.
  • Supports custom fields to compare the directory items.
  • Display the compare button on All Listings and Single Listings page.
  • Display the compare button on Related Listings.
  • Display the compare button on the User Dashboard and Author Profile page.
  • Option to exclude the compare button on specific pages.
  • Ability to set the limit of comparing listings ranging from 2-5.
  • Fully translatable and 100% responsive.