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Digital Marketplace

If you want to create a marketplace of fixed-price services or digital downloads, then the Digital Marketplace Extension will be a worth-investment to kickstart. This extension allows you to create a digital marketplace where listing owners/vendors can sell their products. Admin and vendors will get the concession out of the marketplace.

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Product Overview

Digital Marketplace extension connects Directorist with WooCommerce. This extension is useful for a user who wants to create a marketplace and earn commission on every listing sold. Plus, you can set the admin commission rate. What’s more, you can choose a minimum payout amount to hold author funds until their total payout amount matches or exceeds the amount you’ve set. The Digital Marketplace extension prevents the file upload field and connect it to the WooCommerce checkout to turn all listings into downloadable digital products. And, with each listing downloaded by users, the admin & the listing owner/vendor will get the concession.

  • Last Updated
    January 10, 2023
  • Released
    October 26, 2022
  • Current Version
  • Requirements
    Directorist Plugin, WordPress 5.0+, PHP 7+

Set the Commission Rates for Listing Owners

With this extension, you can set the default commission rate or put a custom rate for vendors or listing owners. And, the listing owners will get that much commission on each digital product downloaded.

Payout Requests for Each Listing Owner/Vendor

You can let your vendors/listing owners to request a payout of their earnings on the digital products downloaded. Vendors can do it from the dashboard with extreme possible ease!

Key Features

  • Create unlimited tiers and extras with different price.
  • Add commission for each order- Admin will receive that commission.
  • Add minimum payout amount- Vendors can only request payout if the available balance reaches that minimum payout amount.
  • Add availability stock for the digital download.
  • Set hourly price for the digital download.
  • Admin can define multiple payout methods- Vendors can request payout using the preferable payout method.
  • Vendors can check Total orders, Total amount, Total Sold, Payout history, Earning with current status in a very simple and pretty cool interface.
  • Admin can limit the download amout for each file under each order.
  • Buyers having downloads list with remaining download amount.