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WordPress Directory Theme vs WordPress Directory Plugin

WordPress Directory Theme Vs WordPress Directory Plugin: What Should be the Right Choice to Start an Online Directory Business?

Initially, WordPress was released to create and manage blogging websites. But since then it has come a long way from just creating a blogging site. You can practically create any website application with WordPress ranging from solutions like Blogging, eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Learning Management System (LMS), Email Marketing, Social Networking sites, etc. to even solutions like Directory Business Website Builders.

However, if you are to see the battle between WordPress directory theme vs WordPress directory plugin, you are in the right place. In today’s article, we will be addressing the dilemma to understand which one you should choose for your directory business. So no more fusses, let’s jump right in!

Before we move on…

What Is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is a tool that dictates what the appearance of your WordPress website will be in terms of color, styles, and other graphics. Themes are inherently related to WordPress. No matter which type of website you are going to build, you must pick an appropriate theme that resonates with that particular website.

Interestingly, themes are more than just what you may think of their authority to change the appearance of your website. Their pervasive activities widely range from as great as changing the layout of your website to even changing the font family or the color or a hyperlinked text.

But themes do not cease just in appearance! The excitement comes in when you can extend their functionalities using plugins or extensions. Isn’t that great?

What Is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugins

A plugin on the other hand is a bit of code that works more from the backend than from the frontend. They are the hidden codes that extend the functionalities of your WordPress website. Some plugins have nothing to do with the front-end appearance at all. Plugins range from a little to massive ones.

For example, they can sometimes fix your WordPress website’s small glitches by adding tweaks or they can extend the functionalities of your website by turning your WordPress website into an eCommerce store, Learning Management System, social networking site, and so forth.

However, some plugins may release themes in the form of extensions so that they render the visuals or appearance exactly the way the plugin wants.

WordPress Directory Theme vs WordPress Directory Plugin – Which One to Pick?

WordPress directory theme Vs WordPress directory plugin

Based on the below-mentioned criteria, we will be showing you the reasons for which one to pick for your directory business.

Freedom in appearance & customization

WordPress directory theme Vs WordPress directory plugin- Freedom in appearance

If you want to create a business directory website, customization is really crucial. To customize your Directory website, you must need a directory niche-oriented theme that is compatible with page builders and the directory plugin you are going to use.

If you are using a WordPress Directory Theme instead of using a WordPress Directory Plugin, you are limiting yourself to that theme’s appearance. On the other hand, if you are using a WordPress Directory Plugin, you have the opportunity to use any WordPress theme so that you don’t limit yourself to only one theme.

Scalability in extension & integration

WordPress directory theme Vs WordPress directory plugin- Scalability

WordPress plugins are developed in a way a third-party developer can easily build extensions and can integrate them with other platforms. Don’t get me wrong! Themes are also scalable but the thing is they are not optimized to develop extensions and integrations the easy way. On the contrary, plugins are built in a way that is scalable so that you can have the possibility to get third-party extensions for them.

Trend in developers & users

WordPress directory theme Vs WordPress directory plugin- Trend in developers and users

If you do quick product research, you will find that great developers are rolling out with WordPress Plugins rather than WordPress directory themes. Meaning they also feel comfortable building plugins rather than building themes for directory niche. In other words, they initially build the plugin after that they create a theme(s) for it. Therefore, it would be wise if you stick to the trend so that you don’t feel stranded in the days to come.

Freedom to choose niche-based themes

WordPress directory theme Vs WordPress directory plugin- Freedom to choose niche-based themes

If you are starting with a particular niche category, you may later want to add more niche categories to your directory website. In this case, your current theme may not align with the design requirements of your new niche(s). So, if you are building your website with a theme-based directory tool, you are doomed. That’s because you can not change the default theme’s appearance.

On the flip side, if you are using a WordPress directory theme, you can choose any theme. Interestingly, some WordPress directory plugins come up with a wide range of niche-specific themes like Local Business Listing theme, Restaurant directory themes, Classified ads listing theme, Lawyer directory theme, Hospital directory theme, etc.

The Bottom Line

Finally, the key takeaway from here is that you can have more flexibility with a directory plugin than a theme. Hence, we can conclude that a WordPress directory plugin clearly has much more advantages than using a WordPress directory theme. Thus, we recommend you go for a WordPress directory plugin instead of a WordPress theme.

If you are a directory website owner, which one you are using right now? Which one is more convenient according to you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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