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directorist aims and perspectives as a directory website builder

Directorist Aims & Perspectives: Who Needs Directorist?

Being the owner of a business is not only thrilling and adventurous but also a way to become a free person. You don’t have to spend mandatory 8 hours sitting on the desk of your office carrying out your job duties and responsibilities. Not only in directory business but also in any other business, you can enjoy full freedom and can enjoy the pastime hanging out with your friends and family members.

In today’s article, we will be discussing our flagship directory website builder tool, Directorist’s aims, and perspectives like what is it for and what are the use cases of it. So, Let’s jump get going.

What is Directory Niche?

Directory website builder- What is directory  niche?

In case you did not know, the directory niche is basically a web-based database management system that stores information on a particular niche (or niches) that some users can submit while other users can access, and retrieve their desired items or listings using a search option. Now you may be wondering what is the benefit of the website owner, aren’t ya?

Well, the website owner can monetize his or her website through different methods. For example, the website owner can charge for featured listings, rank featured listings, view private listings, place paid ads and affiliate links, and so on and so forth.

Still can’t figure out what it is? Well, you may have heard of websites like Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, OLX, Airbnb, etc. which are all directory websites. Visitors go to those websites to find out their desired Restaurants, Local business, classified ads, employee or student directories, etc. while other users go to those websites to list their goods, services, or businesses.

Background of Developing the Directory Website Builder, Directorist

directorist aims and perspectives

We developed Directorist when we saw that the world was getting inundated with data and we tried to make the data retrieval process faster, smoother, and more user-friendly. In addition to that, some people around us were continuously asking for an easy-to-build directory solution. Soon after, we conducted market research and found that there is a huge market demand for an easy-to-use directory solution.

And so we hit upon the plan to develop a directory plugin to find out a solution that people were looking for. We have built the free tool in a way that is scalable via a fleet of extensions and mobile apps. To date, there are around 10000 active customers from across the globe with a satisfactory 4.7 rating out of 5.

Who are the Ideal Customers / Who is It Aimed at?

Directory website builder- ideal customers

As a directory website builder, Directorist is primarily aimed at people who are seeking out financial freedom – people who want to get out of their mandatory 8 hour-long white-collar desk job. If you are such a free-spirited person, you can go for Directorist.

There is no mandatory age group to use the plugin. Anyone above 12 years old can use the plugin and build a directory website with Directorist. The plugin is intuitive, spam-proof, 100% mobile responsive, and full of useful features.

Directorist’s Perspective and Usecases as a directory builder

Directory website builder- Usecases

So, how Directorist can be useful with its unique and exclusive features? Let’s see how Directorist can benefit you in creating and maintaining a directory website. Assuming that you want to create your own directory website with Directorist. Here is how your business can be boosted up with it from your perspective:

Scalability through mobile apps

Directory website builder- Scalability through mobile apps

There are 6.648 billion smartphone users from around the world. Thus, many directory website owners want to acquire these smartphone users using iOS and Android-based apps.

Source: Statista

Fortunately, Directorist comes with iOS and Android-based mobile apps to turn your WordPress-based directory website into a native mobile app.

Complete free core features to create any kind of directory website

Directory website builder- Complete free core features

With the Directorist free version, you can not only set up a directory solution but can also monetize it for the featured listing option. In addition to that, you can also receive the payments through the bank payment system in the free version.

A scalable solution with free and premium themes & extensions

Directory website builder- A scalable solution

Directorist has both a free and premium version. One can effortlessly start his/her own directory business for free with its two free themes and free integrations with other page builders. Later on, he or she can scale up the website using premium themes or extensions.

Various premium monetization options to earn profit

Directory website builder- Premium monetization options

Who doesn’t want to earn in multiple ways? With Directorist, you can earn in different ways like:

  • Charge for listings
  • Featured listings
  • Sell premium listings
  • Allow businesses to claim listings
  • Charge for viewing private listings
  • Allow private/sponsored advertising
  • Charge for membership
  • Sell business leads
  • Promote affiliate products
  • Allow sponsored articles/guest posting
  • Bookings & appointment
  • Access control
  • Ranked featured lists
  • Paid ad placement

Want to learn them in detail? Give a read to this article on how to monetize your directory website with Directorist.

A bunch of payment methods to Collect Payments

Directory website builder- A bunch of payment options

To stop cart abandonment, you must have multiple payment methods in place. That’s because all of your potential customers may not use the same payment gateway and when they go to the checkout page, they can abandon their cart if they don’t see the payment gateway they are using. Fortunately, Directorist supports multiple payment methods including Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Built-in directory webpage builder

Directory website builder- Built-in directory webpage builder

The tool ships with a drag and drop-based directory builder that helps you control the webpages like the All Listing page, Single Listing layout, Submission page, search widget, and many more. In addition to that, you can even use the custom fields other than the predefined fields to collect as much user data as you want.

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Page builder support for design flexibility

Directory website builder- Page Builder support

We discovered that a lot of our users are using page builders like Elementor, Oxygen Page Builder, and Gutenberg. Consequently, we have developed 17 Elementor Widgets, 17 Oxygen Page Builder components, and 16 Gutenberg blocks. We are also planning to integrate with other popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi, and Brizy very soon. However, Elementor and Gutenberg are integrated even with the free version whereas the Oxygen Page builder is available as a premium extension.

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Multiple mapping sources to choose from

All people do not have the same taste or same intention. Thus we have incorporated both Google Maps and the OpenStreet maps into the system. You can select the map that you want to view when your users see listings.

Never settle in one directory niche

Directory website builder- Never settle in one directory niche

With Directorist, you don’t have to settle only in a particular niche. With the multidirectory feature, you can create multiple directory niches, and this way you can expand your business even more. To cite an example, you may start with an automobile directory but later you might want to sell accessories like automobile parts, stickers, engine oil as another niche.

Easy translation, RTL Language Support

Directory website builder- Easy Translation, RTL language support

We know our users aren’t from the same background and so we made the tool easily translatable. If you are an RTL (Right to left) language (such as Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Urdu, Sindhi, etc.) user, Directorist got you covered with it.

Frontend listing submission

Directory website builder- Frontend listing submission

Your users can submit their listings from the front-end of a directory website. Thus you don’t have to give access to the backend making your website less vulnerable to hackers.

directorist aims and perspectives

Here are some of the premium features to look at

Directorist has more than 26 integrations. Here are a few of them:

  • Let your users send private messages to each other

This extension will allow the visitors to send messages to the listing owners. This is a necessary feature as the customers often desperately seek out information from the listing owners.

  • Drive more traffic using the power of Yoast SEO

No website can grow steadily and remarkably if it is not SEO-friendly. Therefore we took the concept of SEO seriously and integrated Directorist with the Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Wage Email campaigns with ease using the MailChimp integration

We know how much important it is to promote and communicate with your users with Email marketing. In this regard, you will get a premium MailChimp integration that helps you collect the

  • BuddyBoss & BuddyPress integration to give a social networking vibe

With Directorist, you can also make your website more engaging and interactive using either the BuddyBoss integration or the BuddyPress integration. It makes your directory website as functional as a social media website.

  • Google reCaptcha to prevent spammers

Nowadays, we can not imagine a website data submission without using Google’s Recaptcha feature. Why is that? Because it helps you keep your website spam-free. As a result, you will only get the necessary data by filtering the unwanted ones. Cool, isn’t it?

Upcoming features

  • WPML Support (will be availabe within March 10, 2022)
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Ajax search and filter
  • Radius based booking
  • Schema markup/rich snippet
  • dClassified theme for classified listing website
  • Single Listing Tab View (Extension)
  • GamiPress Integration
  • WooCommerce Subscription Integration
  • dEvent (Theme)
  • Performance optimization
  • Advanced review system (Extension)

You can also check other upcoming features or the status of their development from the Directorist team’s Roadmap.

Over to You

That’s all there’s to it on Directorist’s aims and perspectives. We’ve only mentioned the key points here but there are more features and options under the hood. If you are yet to try it out, we recommend you give a shot at the demo version or download the free version to get a hands-on experience. If you are already using Directorist, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts down below.

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