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Top 10 Free Blog Submission Sites in 2024

Writing a blog post is easy but bringing it atop the search engine for free is quite hard. Introducing free blog submission sites that you can easily leverage to build effective links and improve your search ranking. Hence, choosing the right submission sites would be best as poor sites can hamper your journey instead.

So, how do you know which one is right to pick? No worries! We have handpicked a list of top free blog submission sites out there in the market and these sites are ready to bring your SEO game to an incredible height.

Curious? Let’s dig deeper, without any more ado.

Importance of Blog Submission for Exposure and SEO

It’s no wonder that blog submission can be a powerful weapon to boost your website’s visibility. Let’s check how.

i. Wider audience reach

Free Blog Submission Sites

Submitting your blog to relevant directories exposes your content to a new audience that might not have found you otherwise. These directories often have a large user base interested in your niche, driving more traffic to your site.

ii. Improved visibility

Directory listings can place your blog higher in search results, especially for relevant keywords. This increases the chances of people finding your content when searching online. Therefore, it’s good to chase quality blog submission sites for the betterment.

iii. Backlink building

Free Blog Submission Sites

When you submit your blog, you typically get a backlink to your website from the directory. Backlinks are a crucial factor in SEO, as search engines consider them a sign of trust and authority. High-quality backlinks from relevant directories can significantly improve your website’s ranking in search results.

iv. Improved domain authority

Backlinks from reputable directories contribute to your website’s domain authority, a score that indicates its overall trustworthiness and value. A higher domain authority can lead to better rankings and organic traffic.

v. Quality over quantity

Free Blog Submission Sites

Focus on submitting your blog to high-quality, relevant directories. Low-quality directories might not provide much SEO benefit and could even hurt your reputation. So, getting the quality ones is worth the decision indeed.

Different Categories of Blog Submission Sites

Blog submission sites can be categorized into various types based on their focus, purpose, and audience. Here are some common categories.

1. General blog directories: These platforms accept a wide range of blog topics and are open to various niches. Examples include Blogarama and BlogCatalog.

2. Niche-specific blog directories: These sites are dedicated to specific topics or industries, such as technology, travel, health, fashion, or food. They cater to a more targeted audience interested in a particular subject.

3. Guest posting platform: These platforms allow writers to submit guest posts to be published on other blogs. They often provide opportunities for writers to reach new audiences and gain backlinks.

4. Content aggregators: These sites gather content from various sources around the web and present it in one place. Examples include AllTop and Flipboard.

5. Community-based platforms: Some platforms focus on building a community of bloggers and readers around shared interests. These often include features for networking and interaction among users.

6. Local blog directories: These directories highlight blogs from specific regions or countries. They can be useful for businesses targeting local audiences.

7. Industry or professional blogging platforms: Certain platforms cater specifically to professionals or those within certain industries, such as Medium for writers and LinkedIn for professionals.

8. Educational or academic blogs: Platforms that focus on educational content or academic research, provide a space for sharing knowledge and expertise in specific fields.

Top Free Blog Submission Sites- Our 10 Favorite Picks

Here are 10 popular free blog submission sites where you can share your content and reach a wider audience.

i. Medium

Free Blog Submission Sites

Medium is renowned for its elegant design and user-friendly interface. It’s a platform that encourages quality content and provides a space for writers to express themselves on a variety of topics. What sets Medium apart is its focus on storytelling and engagement. Readers can easily discover new content based on their interests, and writers can gain exposure to a large audience. Medium also offers a Partner Program where writers can earn money based on the engagement their articles receive.

ii. LinkedIn

Free Blog Submission Sites

LinkedIn is primarily known as a professional networking site, but it also serves as a platform for publishing articles and blog posts. Publishing on LinkedIn can help establish credibility and reach a professional audience. It’s an excellent choice for business-related content, career advice, and industry insights. LinkedIn articles can be shared within the platform and beyond, increasing visibility and networking opportunities.

iii. Tumblr

Free Blog Submission Sites

Tumblr is a unique microblogging platform known for its vibrant and creative community. It’s popular among artists, photographers, and creators who want to share visual content alongside short-form blog posts. Tumblr encourages interaction through reblogs and likes, fostering a sense of community among users. The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to personalize their blogs with themes and multimedia content.

iv. Blogger

Free Blog Submission Sites

Blogger, owned by Google, is a straightforward blogging platform that’s easy to set up and use. It’s ideal for beginners looking to start a blog quickly without much technical knowledge. Blogger integrates seamlessly with other Google services, such as Google Photos and AdSense, making it a convenient choice for those already using Google products. While it may not have as many customization options as other platforms, Blogger is reliable and user-friendly.

v. HubPages

Free Blog Submission Sites

HubPages is a platform that allows users to publish articles (called “Hubs”) on various topics such as travel, lifestyle, technology, and more. It’s a community-driven site where writers can earn revenue through the HubPages Earnings Program, which includes ad sharing and affiliate marketing. HubPages emphasizes high-quality, informative content that engages readers.

vi. Quora

Free Blog Submission Sites

While primarily known as a question-and-answer platform, Quora also enables users to write and share long-form content. Quora Spaces, in particular, allows users to create blogs within specific topics or interests. Publishing on Quora can help you reach a wide audience seeking informational content and answers to specific questions.

vii. Postach.io

Free Blog Submission Sites

Postach.io is a unique platform that allows you to create a blog directly from your Evernote notes. It offers seamless integration with Evernote, enabling you to publish content quickly and efficiently.

viii. Ghost

Free Blog Submission Sites

Ghost is a modern open-source blogging platform designed for professional publishers and bloggers. It focuses on simplicity and speed, providing a distraction-free writing experience. Ghost offers membership and subscription features, making it suitable for those looking to monetize their content.

ix. Substack

Free Blog Submission Sites

Substack is a platform that enables writers to start their own newsletter and publish articles for free. While primarily focused on newsletters, Substack also hosts blogs and allows writers to monetize their content through subscriptions. It’s ideal for independent writers and journalists looking to build a subscriber base.

x. LiveJournal

Free Blog Submission Sites

LiveJournal is a longstanding blogging community that dates back to the early days of blogging. It’s a platform that emphasizes personal expression and social interaction. LiveJournal allows users to create journals (blogs) and connect with other members through communities and shared interests.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Blog Submission Sites

Finding the right blog submission sites can expand your audience and build your online presence. Here are some key criteria to consider when making your choices:

  • Target audience: Align with your niche. The best sites will have a readership that is genuinely interested in the topics you write about. There’s no point in reaching a massive audience if they’re not receptive to your content.
  • Content match: Ensure the blog submission site publishes content similar to yours in style and tone. This creates a cohesive experience for the reader and increases your work’s chances of acceptance.
  • Domain authority (DA): DA is a score that indicates a website’s ranking power on search engines. Higher DA suggests the submission site can boost your blog’s SEO through backlinks (links from their site to yours). You can find a website’s DA using various online tools.
  • Traffic: Aim for sites with decent traffic, but prioritize quality over pure quantity. Look for signs of an engaged audience, such as comments, shares, and social media activity. This suggests the content reaches real people who are interested in what they’re reading.
  • Community: Sites that foster a sense of community can be valuable. It allows you to connect with readers and other bloggers in your niche, leading to potential collaborations and further audience growth.
  • Submission guidelines: Clear and well-defined submission guidelines make the process smoother and increase your chances of getting your content accepted. Look for sites that outline their editorial process, content requirements, and formatting preferences.
  • User interface (UI): A user-friendly interface makes navigating the submission process easier and saves you time. A well-designed platform is also a positive indicator of the site’s professionalism.

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Free Blog Submission Sites

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Finally. you have come to know about the top 10 free blog submission sites. Now, it is time to explore them accordingly and best utilize them for the betterment of your online visibility. Moreover, you can maximize the impact of your content and connect with a more engaged readership.

We suggest you select the platforms that align with your niche and target audience. If everything goes right, chances are high to increase your brand recognition, improve networking opportunities, and have greater achievement of your online objectives.

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