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Free Infographic Submission Sites

Top 7+ Infographic Listing Submission Sites in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your infographics and reach a wider audience? Infographic submission sites could be the key to unlocking a whole new level of exposure for your visual content. In this digital era, infographics have emerged as powerful tools for conveying complex data in an easily digestible format. However, simply creating stunning infographics is not enough; getting them in front of the right audience is crucial for their success.

In this article, we will explore the world of infographic submission sites – platforms specifically designed for sharing and promoting visual data representations. From understanding how these sites work to discovering the benefits they offer, we will delve into everything you need to know about leveraging infographic submission sites to amplify your content marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to boost brand awareness or a designer aiming to showcase your creativity, understanding the ins and outs of infographic directory submission sites can help take your visual content strategy to new heights. So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper.

What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic Submission Sites

Infographic submission is a strategic method of sharing visual representations of data, information, or knowledge across various online platforms. This often involves creating and distributing visually appealing infographics to websites, blogs, and social media channels to engage and inform audiences. Infographic submissions can enhance brand visibility, attract backlinks for SEO purposes, and drive traffic to the source website.

Engaging in infographic submission also means tapping into the power of visual storytelling to communicate complex ideas in an easily digestible format. By leveraging compelling visuals and concise text, infographics can effectively convey messages that resonate with diverse audiences. Additionally, submitting infographics to relevant directories and platforms can expand the reach of content beyond traditional blog posts or articles. This approach allows businesses to connect with new audiences who may prefer consuming information in a more visually stimulating manner.

Furthermore, the interactive nature of infographics makes them highly shareable on social media platforms, potentially leading to increased brand exposure and virality. By incorporating elements like charts, graphs, icons, and illustrations within an infographic submission strategy, organizations can position themselves as thought leaders while fostering engagement with their target audience.

Types of Infographic Submission Websites

Infographic submission websites are platforms where individuals and businesses can share their infographics to reach a wider audience. These websites often serve as hubs for visual content, allowing users to discover, share, and promote infographics on various topics. Here are some types of infographic submission websites. 

i. General infographic directories

Platforms like Visual.ly, Infographic Plaza, and Infographics Archive accept a broad spectrum of infographics spanning various topics.

ii. Industry-specific platforms

Tailored to specific sectors, examples include MedPage Today for healthcare infographics and ElearningInfographics focusing on educational content.

iii. Social media platforms

Infographics find a home on popular social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

iv. Blogging platforms

Content-rich sites like Medium, Blogger, and WordPress welcome infographics as part of their visual storytelling.

v. Visual content communities

Design-centric communities like Behance and Dribbble serve as hubs for sharing and appreciating visual content, including infographics.

vi. Design and marketing forums

Platforms like Reddit (e.g., r/Infographics) and Designer Hangout provide spaces for designers and marketers to share and discuss infographics.

vii. Submission platforms for backlinks

Visual.ly, among others, not only accepts infographics but also offers creators the benefit of backlinks for SEO purposes.

viii. Press release and news platforms

Platforms such as PR Newswire and Business Wire allow businesses to incorporate infographics as part of press releases and news articles.

ix. Educational and research platforms

Infographic Journal and Cool Infographics cater to audiences interested in educational and research-related visual content.

x. Data visualization platforms

Specialized platforms like Tableau Public and Datawrapper focus on data visualization, including interactive infographics.

Advantages Of Infographic Submission

Infographic submission offers a range of advantages that can significantly boost your content marketing efforts. 

  • Firstly, infographics are visually appealing and easily shareable, making them more likely to be shared across social media platforms. This increased visibility can lead to higher organic traffic and brand awareness for your website or business. 
  • Additionally, infographics have the potential to go viral, reaching a wider audience and generating valuable backlinks to improve your website’s SEO performance.
  • Furthermore, infographics are an effective way to simplify complex information or data, making it easier for audiences to understand and remember key points. By presenting information in a visually appealing format, you can engage with your audience in a more compelling manner than traditional text-based content alone. 
  • Ultimately, infographic submission can help establish your brand as an authoritative source within your industry while driving traffic and improving search engine rankings.

What are the Disadvantages of Free Infographic Submission Sites?

Free infographic submission sites have gained popularity among content creators and marketers due to their ability to distribute visual content to a wider audience. However, there are several disadvantages associated with using these platforms. 

  • Firstly, free submission sites may not always maintain high quality standards for the infographics they host, leading to a cluttered and unprofessional display of visual content. This can diminish the impact and effectiveness of the infographics, as they may get lost among lower-quality submissions. 
  • Another downside is that free directory submission sites often offer limited or no control over how the infographics are displayed or distributed. This lack of control can result in the misuse or misrepresentation of the visual content, potentially damaging brand reputation or credibility. 
  • Additionally, some free submission sites may engage in questionable practices such as selling user data or including intrusive advertisements alongside submitted infographics, compromising privacy and user experience. 

Top Infographic Submission Sites- Our Favorite Picks

Infographics are a popular and effective way to visually represent information and data. Submitting infographics to relevant websites can help you reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your content. Here are some top infographic submission sites.

1 . Visual.ly

Infographic Submission Sites


Visual.ly is a multifaceted platform that combines infographic creation tools with a vibrant community for sharing visual content. Users can leverage its user-friendly design tools to create compelling infographics and then share them within the Visual.ly community. This platform serves as a hub for infographic enthusiasts to discover, appreciate, and share visual content.


  • Intuitive infographic creation tools.
  • Community engagement for sharing and exploring infographics.


  • User-friendly interface for easy graphic design.
  • Exposure to a community of like-minded individuals.


  • Limited customization options compared to some advanced tools.

Final considerations:

Visual.ly is an excellent starting point for beginners and those looking to share their infographics with a broader, visually-oriented audience.

2. Infogram

Infographic Submission Sites


Infogram stands out as an online tool that specializes in creating and sharing interactive infographics and reports. It offers a dynamic platform with features that facilitate real-time collaboration and the integration of interactive elements, making data visualization engaging and accessible.


  • Interactive elements for enhanced engagement.
  • Real-time collaboration for team projects.


  • User-friendly interface suitable for all skill levels.
  • Diverse range of chart types for comprehensive data representation.


  • Some advanced features may require a subscription.

Final Considerations:

Infogram is ideal for those seeking interactive and visually appealing infographics, especially for collaborative projects.

3. Cool Infographics

Infographic Submission Sites


Cool Infographics sets itself apart by curating a collection of visually stunning and innovative infographics. This platform focuses on showcasing high-quality, unique visual content that captures attention and effectively communicates information.


  • Submission of exceptional and innovative infographics.
  • Curated content for high-quality standards.


  • Exposure to a design-savvy audience.
  • Featured infographics gain credibility.


  • Limited to high-quality, unique infographics.

Final Considerations:

Cool Infographics is a suitable platform for creators aiming to share exceptional and cutting-edge visual content.

4. Infographics Archive

Infographic Submission Sites


Infographics Archive is a platform where users can submit and explore a wide range of infographics covering diverse topics. It provides a collection of visual content that caters to different interests and industries.


  • Submission of infographics across various topics.
  • Categorized collection for easy exploration.


  • Wide variety of infographic topics.
  • Free submission process.


  • Quality of content may vary.

Final Considerations:

Infographics Archive is a good option for those looking to share visual content on diverse subjects.

5. SlideShare

Infographic Submission Sites


SlideShare, known for its slide-based presentation format, serves as a platform for sharing presentations, including infographics. With its large user base and integration with LinkedIn, SlideShare provides exposure to a massive professional and business-oriented audience.


  • Slide-based format for presentations.
  • Integration with LinkedIn for professional networking.


  • Exposure to a vast professional audience.
  • Integration with LinkedIn for networking.


  • Limited customization options for infographics.

Final Considerations:

SlideShare is a valuable platform for reaching a professional audience and establishing a presence in the business community.

6. Daily Infographic

Infographic Submission Sites


Daily Infographic is a platform that features a new infographic every day, covering a wide array of topics. By offering a daily dose of visual content, it provides creators with the opportunity for consistent exposure.


  • Free infographic submission.
  • Featured daily infographic.


  • Exposure to a daily audience.
  • Simple submission process.


  • Competitive selection process for featured infographics.

Final Considerations:

Daily Infographic is an ideal platform for creators seeking regular exposure for their visual content.

7. Graphs.net

Infographic Submission Sites


Graphs.net is a platform that not only allows users to submit infographics but also provides tools for creating custom visual content. It offers a dual functionality, serving as both a creation tool and a platform for sharing infographics.


  • Infographic creation tools.
  • Submission of infographics.


  • Tools for creating custom infographics.
  • Exposure through the site’s community.


  • Design options may be somewhat limited.

Final Considerations:

Graphs.net is suitable for those who want both infographic creation tools and a platform for sharing their visual content.

8. Love Infographics

Infographic Submission Sites


Love Infographics is a website where users can submit and explore a variety of infographics on different topics. With a simple submission process and a categorized collection, it provides an uncomplicated way to share and discover visual content.


  • Free infographic submission.
  • Categorized collection for easy navigation.


  • Exposure to a diverse audience.
  • Simple submission process.


  • Limited additional features beyond submission.

Final Considerations:

Love Infographics is a straightforward option for sharing visual content on diverse subjects.

The Right Way to Do The Infographic Submission

Infographic submission is a great way to promote visual content and gain exposure for your brand or message. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do infographic submission the right way. 

i. Create a high-quality infographic

Ensure your infographic is visually appealing, easy to understand, and provides valuable information. Use clear fonts, vibrant colors, and high-resolution images.

ii. Optimize for SEO

Include relevant keywords in the infographic title, description, and filename. Add alt attributes to images within the infographic for accessibility and SEO.

iii. Choose the right platforms

Identify platforms that cater to your niche or industry. Examples include infographic directories, social media, and content-sharing websites. Some popular infographic submission sites include Visual.ly, Infographic Journal, and Submit Infographics.

iv. Follow submission guidelines

Each platform may have specific guidelines for infographic submissions. Follow these guidelines meticulously to increase the chances of acceptance. Pay attention to file format, size, and other requirements.

v. Craft a compelling description

Write a concise and engaging description of your infographic. Explain its purpose and highlight key takeaways. Include relevant hashtags to increase discoverability on social media platforms.

vi. Include a call-to-action (CTA)

Encourage viewers to share the infographic or visit your website for more information. Use a subtle and non-intrusive CTA to drive engagement.

vii. Share on Social Media

Promote your infographic on your social media channels. Customize posts for each platform, taking into account the preferred image dimensions and posting times.

viii. Engage with your audience

Respond to comments and feedback on your infographic. Engaging with your audience can boost visibility. Share user-generated content if others are using or sharing your infographic.  

ix. Monitor analytics

Keep track of the performance of your infographic on different platforms. Analyze metrics such as views, shares, and click-through rates.

x. Repurpose content

Consider repurposing your infographic into other formats, such as blog posts or presentations, to reach a broader audience.

xi. Build relationships

Connect with influencers or bloggers in your industry. They might be interested in sharing your infographic with their audience.

xii. Update and refresh

Periodically update your infographics to keep them relevant. You can then re-submit or share the updated version.

xiii. Consider paid promotion

Explore paid promotion options on social media or through advertising networks to increase visibility.

Before You Leave

Submitting infographics to reputable sites can significantly enhance your content marketing efforts. By utilizing infographic submission sites, you can increase the reach of your visual content, drive traffic to your website, and improve your brand’s visibility.

Additionally, these platforms provide an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and gain valuable backlinks for SEO purposes. It is important to carefully research and select the most appropriate infographic submission sites for your niche in order to maximize the impact of your efforts.

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