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how to migrate connection directory to Directorist

How to Migrate Connection Directory Into Directorist Directory

Migrating from one directory plugin to another could be a hassle. But, this storyline doesn’t make hype with the transformation of Connections Directory to Directorist. Because Directorist offers a user-friendly tool to simplify the migration process by letting you import thousands of connections listings data to Directorist without the need to import/export CSV. 

In this case, Connections to Directorist Migrator is the mover and shaker. Normally, it is a migrator plugin that moves your listings data from Connections Business Directory to Directorist. Within just a few clicks all your Connections listings data will be converted to Directorist listings. But still, the question remains on the deck. How to migrate Connection Directory to Directorist?

Got it. You have a connection directory and you want to switch it on to Directorist but you don’t know how? In this article, we will walk you through the steps that will help you migrate the Connection Directory into the Directorist solution. So, without any more fusses and feathers, let’s just jump right straight to the juicy part. 


The following plugins must be installed for the migrator to work. 

How to Migrate Connection Directory to Directorist ( Step-By-Step)

Step 1: Install the Directorist plugin 

In the very first stage, you need to install the free directory WordPress plugin, Directorist. To do so, navigate to the Dashboard of your WordPress website then add a new plugin.

How to migrate Connection Directory to Directorist- Install Directorist

Step 2: Install Connections to Directorist Migrator

Up next, install Connections to Directorist Migrator. And, this plugin is free and can be found on WordPress.org.

Step 3: Navigate to Directorist → settings → tools → Connections to Directorist Migrator

Then, go to Directorist then to settings to tools to Connections to Directorist Migrator.

How to migrate Connection Directory to Directorist- Navigate to Directorist

Step 4: Run the Migrator and map the Connections fields to your desired Directorist listing fields

Finally, run the migrator and map the connections fields to your desired Directorist listing. That’s it! The migrator will get to work moving the listings data.


That’s it. We believe you have got clearer ideas on how to migrate Connections Directory plugin to Directorist. Now, you can play the game whenever you would want. Again, if there are any difficulties you face while migrating your Connections Directory to Directorist, then feel free to drop us a line letting us know your problems. We will reach out to you shortly.

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