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What’s New in Directorist Version 7.2.0

Yippee! Directorist Version 7.2.0 is finally here! As promised, we tried to step up the new version with amazing features such as Instant search, new action hooks for developers, a few bug fixes, improvements, and tweaks. The new version made its journey from this 23rd March 2022.

If you are wondering how we hammered out the new version from different angles with exciting and exclusive new features, bug fixes, improvements, and tweaks, keep on reading this post until you finish it.

The Blazingly Fast “Instant Search” Option on All Listings Page

directorist version 7.2.0 - instant search

Directorist Instant Search is a great way to help your visitors find their desired listings without allowing the page to be loaded. The operation is handled by the Ajax operation method which makes the process faster.

Plus, the operation can be overwritten by a shortcode-parameter (Yes or No) option you can use on the All Listing page. Using the shortcode & parameter you can set higher priority over the Directorist default settings.

We have a dedicated blog post on this. We recommend you check this feature below:

Introducing the Blazingly Fast “Directorist Instant Search” Option

Gearing up with New Actionable Hooks

Directorist is open-source. Meaning, anyone can customize it according to their own requirements and individual tastes. This is why we never compromise with scalable opportunities through actionable hooks. This time, we have geared up the new version with the following 3 action hooks:

  • directorist_listing_reported action hook: Now the developers can add an event right after a user report a particular listing with this new hook.
  • directorist_listing_imported action hook: With this new hook, the developers can add an event right after a listing is imported.
  • directorist_loaded action hook: With this new hook, the developers can add an event right after Directorist is activated for the first time.

Killing a Few Bugs

You reported bugs and we heard you! This time we fixed a few style issues, console errors, and other issues such as: data update notice missing when directorist_db_version is null, file path reading issue in some specific server configuration.

We got a few bugs complaints regarding the email notification after review. When a review was submitted, the website admin did not get notified through email. Similarly, when a review was approved the respective reviewer did not get notified either. Our developers took care of this issue and fixed it quickly.

Not to mention, a few users reported that some preview images were not loading. Interestingly we discovered that it happens with only a few specific servers that don’t support space characters after the file path. That’s why we decided to remove the spaces automatically from the file path.

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Embellishing with New Improvements & Tweaks

Just like our squeaky clean office, we love to keep our coding structure as clean and as optimized as possible.

Apart from that, we also added tweaks to an existing feature – Normally our users can add to favorites or to unfavorite with the web version which did not make any changes to the data structure. However, when the users do the same in the Directorist mobile app, it creates unusual data structure changes, that is, it started to convert the “Index-based arrays” to the “Key-based arrays” which we have fixed time.

Looking Foward to You

If this sounds interesting to you, why not check them out now? Never think twice to drop us a line mentioning what features did you like the most from this release.

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Al Suzud Dowla plays the role of a content strategist at Directorist. He is basically a digital marketing expert and a tech enthusiast (by heart) who excels particularly in technical content writing. In his pastimes, he is seen playing Ping Pong, performing Karaoke, reading books, and playing around with JavaScript as well.

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