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Directorist Takes Lead as Best WordPress Dynamic Plugin

Monster Award 2023 Winner: Directorist Takes Lead as Best WordPress Dynamic Plugin

The spotlight shines on Directorist, the reigning champion of the Monster’s Award 2023 for Best WordPress Dynamic Plugin.

For the 2nd year in a row, this advanced WordPress directory plugin has captivated hearts and votes, proving its reign over the dynamic plugin arena outshining other 32 competitors including Geodirectory and HivePress.

To know more, let’s dig deeper.

What is Monster’s Award?

The Monster’s Award is an annual contest that recognizes and celebrates the best products and services within the WordPress community. It is organized by TemplateMonster, a well-known marketplace for WordPress themes, plugins, and other web design resources.


  • To highlight outstanding WordPress products and services across various categories.
  • To give creators and developers recognition for their contributions to the WordPress ecosystem.
  • To help users discover and choose the best tools for their WordPress projects.


The award includes numerous categories, covering different aspects of the WordPress world, such as:

  • Themes: Recognizing the best designs and functionalities for different website types.
  • Plugins: Awarding the most helpful and innovative plugins across diverse categories.
  • Hosting: Identifying the most reliable and performant WordPress hosting providers.
  • Educational resources: Highlighting the best tutorials, blogs, and other resources for learning WordPress.
  • Additional categories: Awards also extend to YouTube channels, managed WordPress services, and other relevant offerings.

What Is the Selection Process? 

  • Nominations are submitted by the community and accepted by TemplateMonster.
  • Shortlists are created in each category based on nominations and initial evaluations.
  • Public voting opens for the shortlisted nominees.
  • Judges from the WordPress community also contribute to the final selection process.

Directorist Crowned The Victory: The Best WordPress Dynamic Plugin 2023

Directorist Takes Lead as Best WordPress Dynamic Plugin

Directorist, the most complete WordPress directory plugin, has clinched the top position in the “Best WordPress Dynamic Plugin” category at the 2023 Monster’s Award. Securing an impressive 23% of the votes, Directorist has now claimed the coveted first place for the second consecutive year in the Monster Award.

Why Directorist has got this honor? Well, Directorist is a WordPress directory plugin that comes up with a host of exclusive features like advanced form builder, multi directory, unlimited custom fields, powerful search and advanced filters, CSV bulk importer, mobile app, live chat, and many more. Apart from these features, Directorist can boast of these features:

  • Easy Migration and personalization
  • Multiple mapping source
  • Frontend listing submission and management
  • Modern, customizable, and trending design
  • WooCommerce multivendor plugin compatibility
  • Easy translation
  • RTL support
  • Private directory
  • Custom badges
  • GDPR ready
  • Email notification

What’s more, Directorist comes up with 30 extensions (Free & Premium) and 14 niche-based themes (Free & Premium). The most recent addition to the plugin is the Directorist-HelpGent integration. This integration will simply help directory businesses to go higher with the touch of HelpGent, an ultimate communication tool with features like conversational forms, video messaging, text messaging, voice messaging, screen recording, and sharing with voiceover. So, it means that Directorist is the best WordPress dynamic plugin that deserves a seat in the palace.


We appreciate all the support we’ve received. Thank you for being there for us to make that happen. We hope that your continued support will contribute to the success and growth of the product, leading to more achievements in the days to come.

Written by

Md. Hamim Khan

Md Hamim Khan is a man of letters who puts up his hands for technical content writing at Directorist. He loves to keep himself engaged in playing cricket & chit-chatting with friends, family, and colleagues in the time when he leaves out of work.

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