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10+ Most Incredible Features You Might Miss in Directorist

Directorist is growing faster and it has become one of the most popular WordPress plugins these days in the directory category. If you see the reviews of the last two months at the WordPress plugin repository in the directory category section, you would certainly find evidence of its popularity and worthiness.

The plugin comes with tons of great features and it’s continuously improving. The developers of the giant Directorist are constantly working to make it all time the best plugin ever in the WordPress directory category. The plugin already bears a massive amount of features and functionalities.

Some of them may not get the deserving attention and remain a bit hidden in the back end. Even if you’re dealing with the plugin might also miss some of them as well. In this article, I will reveal 5 awesome features of the great Directorist plugin that you probably didn’t know existed.

Overlooked Features in Directorist

The features that I’m going to mention are very much essential to Directorist users. Sometimes, they might not visible in the crowd of other hands-on features. Let’s start with the first one:-

1. Ranked features listing

direcetorist features

Many of you know featured listings in directory website but what’s the solution if featured listings exceed the limitation? Here comes the Ranked Featured Listings option. This is an unconventional feature for a directory site that you wouldn’t find in any other directory plugins. Most of the plugins offer Featured Listings feature within their system. It’s ok to have this awesome feature but when featured listing items add at a larger scale, then what would be the solution?

Yes, here, Directorist comes with a smart solution for the site owners and the listing owners. It offers a Ranked Featured Listings option that is used to rank among all the featured listing items. It helps site owners to earn extra money by getting paid and listing owners to maximize the exposure of the respective listings by paying the site owners.

2. Booking feature

missing direcetorist features

Unlike most of the conventional directory plugins, Directorist offers a booking feature to its users. Many of the users may not know about this exclusive feature.

From now on, you can use this feature for booking online shows, consultations, seminars, wedding invitations, training classes; the online reservations for the restaurant, saloon; the appointment for doctors, lawyers, and so on. Just by purchasing a cost-effective extension, you can integrate this feature into your directory website without any hassle.

3. Customizable email notification

top missing direcetorist features

The site owner can customize the email templates as it’s needed. Diectorist provides a placeholder to use dynamic information about the directory and let the users know the expected message. This feature oftentimes is overlooked by the users, but you can make the best use of it.

4. Importing from any CSV

most overlooked features of directorist

Directorist allows you to use CSV Bulk Importer for listing, category, location, tag, media, etc. Import data mapping is a unique feature that could be overlooked by most of the users. Get the most user-friendly migration process by letting you import thousand of listings from a single CSV file.

  • Complete migration to Directorist within just a few clicks.
  • Import unlimited listings in no time.
  • You can map any field types to Directory listing fields.

These are some of the benefits you can have using this awesome features of Directorist.

5. Widgets facility

overlooked features of directorist

Widgets make things easier and faster. To leverage this feature, Directorist provides 14 different search widgets to empower your search experiences. You’ll also have 25+ Elementor based widgets. There is an extension that also allows you to display slider and carousel on the widgets. You can add numerous widgets as follows:

  • Author info
  • Search listing
  • Popular listing
  • Featured listing
  • Similar listing
  • Map
  • And many more

Overall Directorist allows you to use 35+ custom widgets right away.

6. Predefined task

incredible features of directorist

Directorist performs some sort of scheduling and predefined tasks on behalf of directory admin. You can scheduling notification, listing expiration, delegation, etc on your directory website without facing any nuisance.

7. Auto-login after registration

This one is a tiny but interesting feature that allows your users to log in after the registration without giving any credentials. This added feature simplifies all the login processes.

8. Redirection after registration

Suppose, you have 3000 listings and a user is browsing through the listings. He viewed a listing and wants to contact the owner or book that listing or comment on it but he can not proceed without signing up. So he signs up but redirected to the Dashboard instead of the listing he was interested in. Now, he will have to find that listing again!

Previously, a user had to experience such issues but now we have an option to redirect the users to the page they were in before signing up. Not only that you can assign any pages you want them to redirect to.

9. Redirection after login

This option is as same as the previous point mentioned. Using this handy feature, users can redirect to the page they were in before login into the website. Usually, people can visit the pages of your site and see the listings. When they want to interact with the listing owners or the site owners like you, they will be asked to log in first. This option will help them to redirect to the page he was in before.

10. Single Listing Template width, padding, margin

A single listing page is crucial for managing an individual listing on a directory website. If you are using Directorist Single Listing and not satisfied with the default set up of the template, you customize as you wish without adding any additional CSS. Suppose, you don’t like the current width, padding, margin then you can make it yours simply by operating some options out there.

11. Allow user to create location

Previously, the listing owners had to select a location from the admin defined locations and if the location was not listed, he had to contact the admin to enlist the location he is in.

Now, the site admin has the option to let business owners create their own locations without needing to contact the admin. However, you do not want listing owners to add 100s of locations right? You also have the option to limit the maximum number of locations he can add.

12. Custom Field – Specific Category

This custom field feature is used to personalize any particular input field on your directory website. It appears only when you select any assigned category. Directorist allows you to have this feature for you effortlessly.

Suppose you have a custom field named ‘Boys Items’, and ‘Girls Items’ and you want to appear these fields under the right category. This custom field will ensure this on your directory website.

Some Other Exclusive Traits

Apart from these overlooked features, you will get some exclusive features in Directorist that makes the plugin distinct from others.

i. Intuitive User Interface: The plugin is built in such a way that users can navigate through the plugin effortlessly. A novice user can easily operate the plugin

ii. Cost-effective Extensions: Directorist offers 15+ advanced extensions with cost-effective pricing to extend the features and functionalities of your directory website.

iii. SEO-friendliness: SEO is the core to rank your directory site on SERP. Directorist is an SEO-friendly plugin that allows you to create an SEO-friendly directory site.

iv. Vast array of action and filter hooks: To take your directory site to the next level, Directorist provides you ample action and filter hooks so that developers can scale up the directory site as it requires.

v. Wonderful support system: Directorist is famous for its support. If you see the reviews, you can find something interesting. Almost all the reviews are 5 stars and they’re satisfied with our dedicated support team.

Don’t Be Shy to Learn More

Directorist is a giant tool since it has a ton of features for beginners to advanced that could be overlooked in any way. The features here are what I typically see being missed the most by beginners as they got a basic structure effortlessly.

None of these features are difficult to execute, so learn more about this awesome plugin through our detailed user guide and add these to your arsenal. Eventually, this will create better directory sites as a whole.

Summing Up

That concludes our rundown of 12 overlooked Directorist features. It’s not like everyone may miss all the features mentioned here. Someone may miss no 3, someone may be the number 7. Moreover, every core update of Directorist launches new features, so it should expect this list to grow in the future!

For now, though, it’s over to you. If you’re a Directorist user, have I missed any secret Directorist features that you regularly deal with? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sazzadul Bari

Sazzadul Bari takes care of marketing at Directorist. He is a passionate marketing geek who loves to play with words & numbers. When he's not drooling over digital marketing, you'll find him enjoying sports or going through his favorite books.

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